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Vanenburg Software releases Corona application as ‘open source’

Ardjan Baan -  March 27, 2020

To harness the collective and collaborative power of the community in response to the Corona virus(COVID-19), we at Vanenburg Software are proud to contribute…

Dotting the I in Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning

Peter van Leeuwen -  June 26, 2019

Alan Turing cracking the Enigma code probably changed the course of history. Nevertheless, until the release of “The Imitation Game” in 2014 he was…

How does The Cloud relates to the big Buzz around Digital Transformation and Security?

Stefan van Olst -  June 18, 2019

In this article, Vanenburg Software explains what ‘the cloud’ is exactly in relation to the digital transformation, focusing on security. We will elaborate on…

Robots taking over?

Stefan van Olst -  May 17, 2019

There is the often-repeated prediction that robots will take our jobs. People go a little overboard on the implications. Opinion formers take us through…

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