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Collabrr for B2B Collaboration

Collabrr is a unique business-to-business networking solution from Vanenburg Software for enabling organizations to collaborate in the supply chain. The toolkit offers the ability to easily connect with business partners and create dynamic forms and configurable workflows in a collaborative app. This enables the knowledge worker to share business documents of different forms with external partners or organizations securely.

As organizational boundaries are fading, enterprises form dynamic and fast-changing partnerships to supply a product or service to their customers. Businesses need to flexibly manage social networks and empower collaboration across enterprises. At the same time, they need to ensure compliance with rules & regulations and protect their organization. This is all enabled with Collabrr.

Collabrr, the leading business collaboration platform from Vanenburg Software, facilitates the business partners and knowledge workers to collaborate instantly from anywhere. It offers enterprises a tool for social collaboration on documents  and connecting the primary processes of partner organizations.

"The most valuable asset of a 21st century institution will be its knowledge workers and their productivity." Peter Drucker

Unique Online Business Collaboration Solution

Empowering Knowledge Workers and Unstructured Processes

Who should use Collabrr?

  • Companies looking for Out-of-the-box B2B Network Management solution
    Organizations looking for a smart way to collaborate with customers, suppliers and partners can use Collabrr for real-time viewing and sharing of structured and unstructured electronic documents of different forms, in the appropriate business context. This helps with improved decision-making and (project-) execution among employees, customers, suppliers and partners in your value chain.
  • Enterprises in need for Custom-developed Collaborative Apps
    For solving specific collaboration scenarios, Vanenburg Software offers developments services to build Smart Process Apps on top of Collabrr. These apps thereby leverage all of the social collaboration features of the Collabrr platform and can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications while running in the cloud.

Key Functionalities Collabrr – Collaborate: 

  • Business Network – Create relationships with colleagues, suppliers or customers in order to work together in a single business network
  • Online Dossier – Start working on an online dynamic document which may include data from various sources
  • Sharing Business Data – Collaborate with persons, roles or groups and share data, files and feeds in a manner you are used to from modern social media platforms
  • Workflow – Execute tasks, assign work to peers and monitor workflow progress, history and analytics
  • Analytics – Track workflow actions and performance in graphical dashboards

Key Functionalities Collabrrr – Design:

  • Dynamic Forms –  Easily compose User Interfaces via drag-and-drop
  • Integration – Link forms with external data and combine in a single form
  • Workflow – Define steps, conditions and actors to automate your process
  • Coding – Possibility to code complex and simple logic
  • Filtered Views – Design your views for easily accessing your forms

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