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Application Development

Develop applications using open source technologies having you maximum involved with minimal effort required from your staff. Our Rapid Application Development tooling is specifically designed for the Google Cloud Platform and supports in agile prototyping and rapid development to deliver the right solution for the best price. The generated applications are optimised for running elastically on Google App Engine and can be further enhanced independently if needed. This brings you the benefits of RAD without having to compromise on your independence.

See below the full overview for our Rapid Application Development services.


Rapid Application Development

Services we offer:

  • Rapid Application Development for scalable web- & mobile applications
  • Fast prototyping for new business initiatives
  • Develop smaller event driven logic with Google Cloud Functions
  • Application Development with Google Cloud API’s


Services we offer:

  • Setting up your DevOps process on Google Cloud Platform
  • Managing your container infrastructure with Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Setting up a hybrid container infrastructure with Google Anthos
  • Building containers with Google Cloud Build

Support & Maintenance

Services we offer:

  • Support and maintenance on existing Google Cloud applications
  • Data migration and data correction requests
  • Change Management and continuous improvement
  • Application monitoring
  • Data back-up and restore

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