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When you adopt a modern application landscape based on the micro services approach, you will have to deal with a lot of integrations. Google Cloud offers many capabilities for API management and integrations. Which option to use and how to implement is dependent on the architecture design, usages patterns and usage type. Our Google Cloud Architects know how to apply those in the best possible way and can advise and support you in making the right decisions. As a company we have a long history of developing al type of integrations and we are more than happy to bring this in to help you with a successfull solution for your use case.

See below the full overview for our Connect & Integrate services.


API Management

Services we offer:

  • Developing and maintaining an API Management platform with Apigee
  • Configuring Cloud Endpoints for internal API Management
  • Robust and secure integration with your legacy


Services we offer:

  • Orchestrate dataflows with use of Cloud Composer
  • Orchestrate container workloads with Kubernetes Engine
  • Enrich and ingest your streaming data with solutions based on Google Pub/Sub and Google Dataflow

Integration services

Services we offer:

  • Define your integration architecture & strategy
  • Enhance your legacy ERP system with smart applications in the Cloud
  • Integrate applications with G Suite

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