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Migrate and Manage Enterprise Data

Migrate and manage enterprise data with security, reliability, high availability, and fully managed or even server less data services. Optimize the way your data is stored on Google Cloud for cost, performance and usability.  Wether it is for transactional or data analytics purposes, whether it is SQL based or no-SQL based, our team has a deep knowledge of all possibilities on the Google Cloud platform and can advise you for the optimal solution and let you get maximum benefit from the fact that your data resides in the Cloud.

See below the full overview for our Data Management services.


Datawarehouse & Analytics

Services we offer:

  • Setting up reliable storage structure for large amounts of data
  • Optimization of your existing data warehouse or data lake
  • Stream data to your data warehouse in BigQuery using data pipelines in Google Data Flow
  • Provide business insights (BI) with combination of BigQuery and Data Studio

Database Migration

Services we offer:

  • Migrate existing HaDoop workloads to managed Spark & Hadoop with Google Dataproc
  • Move your transactional databases to a managed service on Google Cloud
  • Make your database high available in the Cloud
  • Ensure compliance with Data Protection Legislation

IoT Platform

Services we offer:

  • Device connectivity and management with Cloud IoT Core
  • Integrate various Google Cloud Platform services to create a robust and scalable IoT infrastructure for your use case
  • Setting up streaming analytics for large data volumes with Pub/Sub, Dataflow en BigQuery

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