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Turn Data into Intelligence

Add intelligence and efficiency to your business with AI and Machine Learning. With our dedicated team, we apply Google’s artificial intelligence to work, helping your business run faster and smoother, while finding new ways to delight your customers by turning data to intelligence. Based on your wish and the capabilities you have in house yourself we can advise the right solution for you on the Google Cloud Platform and be your partner in implementing a successfull AI strategy for your data and applications.

See below the full overview for our Intelligence services.

Machine Learning Data Analysis

Services we offer:

  • Analyzing datasets and detection of dependencies suitable for further ML analysis
  • Data harmonization and classification
  • Use Kubeflow to automate your ML workflows

Machine Learning Model Preparation

Services we offer:

  • Support your use case by reusing existing trained models on Google Cloud Platform
  • Document classification and recognition based on Natural Language, Document AI and Vision API’s
  • Implentation of Auto ML to increase the capabilities of your own dataset to give faster insights
  • Building, Training & Deployment of custom ML models with Google AI platform

Machine Learning Insights

Services we offer:

  • Usage of BigQuery ML to get fast insights
  • Usage of deployed ML models in applications
  • Presenting and sharing insights of your data with Google Colab notebooks

You like to get more insights from your data and are ready to discover Machine Learning capabilities? Contact us now!
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