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To innovate and adapt new technologies

Starting from your requirements, we create ERP Extensions, perfectly suited for your specific business need. We  design your mobile or web application and develop ERP Extensions with an intuitive user experience and a scalable & secure architecture, that meet your expectations. Being committed to quality, we support the entire life-cycle of your solution and underlying (Cloud or on-premise) infrastructure based on your preferred Service Level Agreement (SLA). With our ERP Extensions, you bring real innovation in your organisation by adopting disruptive technologies, such as Cloud, Big Data, IoT & Artificial Intelligence.

Our technology is based on our proven library of reusable components, used by 100,000’s of users every day. Partnering with Salesforce and Google, we are standardized upon the latest (Java-based) technologies, such as the Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Webservices and the Salesforce Platform. We are leveraging the latest popular open-source frameworks and innovative tooling available in the industry. By linking the ERP Extensions with your current (legacy-) applications, we can make your application investments future-proof and allow you to become more agile, efficient and bring innovation into your company.

Our expertise in ERP Extensions includes:

  • Custom ERP modules supporting your unique business need.
  • Connected Clouds combining services from multiple clouds.
  • Integration as applications or services are running in a connected world.
  • B2B Collaboration for B2B exchange of structured and unstructured information.
  • Portals and Chatbots for communication and engagement in a whole new way.
  • Augmented Analytics and Machine Learning for smart decision making.
  • Internet of Things technologies to connect devices and manage the Digital Twin.
  • Robotic Process Automation to open-up closed systems and automate tasks.
  • Blockchain to bring transparency and enhanced security in B2B collaboration.
  • Consumption-based IT to make use of infrastructure in the most cost-effective way.

Ready to use Smart Process Apps

Modular and flexible solutions ready to integrate

Looking for the fastest way to innovation? Adopt our smart Industry solutions based on the latest technological developments and world-leading platforms. With our ready-to-use Smart Process Apps, we offer modular and flexible solutions with can be easily integrated to your IT systems. Leverage our proven solutions to support your way of working.

We offer a wide range of ready-to-use Smart Process Apps:

  • Sales: E-commerce, Sales- & Pipeline Management, Quotation Management
  • Engineering: Product Costing, Project Management
  • Manufacturing: Smart Monitoring, Quality Management, Inspection Management (audits)
  • Logistics: Order Picking, Warehouse Management, Logistics Management, Transportation Management
  • Supply Chain: e-Invoicing, Purchasing Portal, Procure-to-Pay, Supplier Management
  • Customer Service: Chatbot, Customer Portal, Inspection & Diagnosis Management, Customer Buying Journey, Service Management, Warranty Management
  • Maintenance: Preventive & Predictive maintenance, Digital Twin (IIoT)
  • Management: Dashboards, Risk Management, Risk & Compliance Tool
  • HR: Time recording, Recruitment management, Training tools, Performance Management, Payroll, Contract management
  • Finance & Business Control: Investment management, Invoice Management, Contract Management


  • Proven business applications used by 100,000’s of users every day
  • Flexible and configurable solutions which are easy to integrate with your core Enterprise systems
  • Based on a modular Micro-Services Architecture and a modern technology foundation
  • Designed with scalability in mind on a secure Cloud infrastructure
  • Portable to an on-premise infrastructure (if required)
  • Available on Mobile and Web-browsers
  • Role-based with integrated Workflow engine
  • Low implementation and configuration effort
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity and integrations
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The power of Systems of Innovation

Leave your core IT System to do what it is good at

No doubt, your core enterprise systems (such as ERP, CRM and PLM) do what they need to do very well. But it isn’t the place to innovate and differentiate your business. Your business has processes that span many business units, systems, countries and data. These processes are however not static so as you need to evolve, you need to make that change happen quickly. Legacy Systems aren’t the place for this – something else is….

Systems of Innovation are modern applications that are built on an ad hoc basis to address new business requirements or opportunities. These are typically short life cycle projects (zero to 12 months) using departmental or outside resources and consumer-grade technologies. While integrated into your IT systems, they are developed as extensions of your enterprise systems so that you can adapt them any moment in time. In stead of customizing your heavy enterprise systems, you can quickly build fit-for-purpose applications and thereby save licensing- and customization costs.

It is essential to build the ERP Extensions in a modular and flexible way while keeping an eye on the robustness of the solutions. They should interact with each other in an open way based on APIs and run as connected micro-services in a network. Running on a solid and future-proof architecture which masters the operational complexity while improving agility and scalability.

We are specialized in rapid application development methodologies to design, develop and implement these Systems of Innovation quickly. Our approach is based on open frameworks and proven third-party products such as Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce Platform and Wavemaker, which ensure a fast return on investment and a solid foundation for your enterprise-grade systems.

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