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Starting from your business needs and requirements, we can create your tailor-made solutions, perfectly suited for your specific business or customer base. We will help you to design the mobile or web application and develop flexible process apps with intuitive designs and a scalable & secure architecture, that meet your expectations.

While designing it for your specific needs, you can benefit from our vast library of reusable components and frameworks to ensure a quick ROI. We are standardized upon open Java technologies and the Google Cloud Platform, thereby leveraging the latest popular open-source frameworks and innovative tooling available in the industry.

Based on our long track-record of building enterprise-class software solutions, we work with experienced architects, proven technology and an advanced software development methodology.

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  • Based on proven library of reusable components
  • Leveraging latest and most popular open-source tooling available in the market
  • Integrated into your existing IT environment
  • Deployed on-premise or in the Cloud
  • Intuitive User Interface designs ensuring ease-of-use
  • Responsive User Interfaces to run on any mobile device
  • Scalable and secure architecture


Key technologies we are using: Amazon Webservices, Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce App Cloud & and Java

Scalable Cloud solutions

Based on best-in-class technology

Collabrr-based applications

Leverage our Social Business Collaboration platform Collabrr to build a flexible process app based on dynamic forms and workflows.

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Leverage the Google Cloud Platform

Building a solution which automatically scales from 1 to 100,000 users in the blink of an eye?

See how we did it

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