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Optimize and innovate your existing systems

Improve your (legacy-)applications to let them serve you better, faster and cheaper

Extend your ERP with innovative ERP Extensions

When a standard application does not meet your needs, and you don`t want to invest in a long or costly development cycle, our expert services may be the answer to your needs. Based on our library of reusable components and our ready-to-use solutions, we deliver  innovative and flexible business applications for your specific need.

We thereby leverage modern mobile and cloud technologies like Cloud, Big Data, IoT & Artificial Intelligence to extend your core back-office applications and combine them into a flexible business solution deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Our dynamic business solutions will help people to do their jobs efficiently from anywhere and from any device.

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Enhance your business with the Salesforce platform

Salesforce is the leading innovative company behind the #1 Cloud CRM platform.

The platform is a great start to grow and scale your business, nevertheless the phase your company is in. How often do you get the chance to build your business on a single, secure and scalable platform that’s easy to customize and enrich without any down-time?

Increase your capabilities to market, sell, configure, manufacture, distribute and service with pre-integrated apps on the AppExchange, the world’s largest business app marketplace.

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Modernize your Manufacturing & Logistics processes with Cloud-based ERP

The question is not “if” but “when” you are going to the cloud with your ERP. The cloud has changed our personal lives disruptively but we are running our business still on technology invented before the internet.

Rootstock Cloud ERP provides end-to-end ERP for companies that Manufacture, Distribute, Service and Repair Goods. It`s built on the leading Salesforce Cloud Platform and natively integrated with Salesforce Sales- & Services Cloud and many other applications available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

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"We are very glad working with Vanenburg Software and being able to leverage their expertise in the area of sensor technology, big data and cloud. Their heritage in the software development sector allows us to build plus deliver solid & innovative Temperature Monitoring and Anti Counterfeiting solutions to the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain." Mark Roemers, Co-founder, AntTail

Mesh App and Service Architecture (MASA)

Future-proof architecture for the digital age

Evolving digital business demands and user expectations require application architecture that supports agility, flexibility and innovation. MASA — a Mesh Architecture of apps, APIs and services defined by industry analyst Gartner — provides technical professionals with the optimal approach to meet those needs. MASA applications natively support optimal, multichannel user experiences, and their agile architecture enables continuous delivery of new capabilities.

The mesh app and service architecture (MASA) is the preferred application architecture for the digital age. They can support diverse data sources, leverage pertinent context information for better automated decisions, and exploit the API economy and the external algorithm marketplace. The distributed nature of MASA can generate increased operational complexity, but it improves agility and scalability, which are primal requirements for any digital business.

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