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Services Overview

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Analysis &
Consulting Services

From business need to solution proposal:

  • Technical assessment of your current IT systems – how to ensure that your current applications are supporting your business operations to the fullest?
  • Solution proposal for solving architectural challenges – how to design your future-proof IT environment to meet your business goals?
  • Independent advice during selection- & implementation process – how to select the best tool for you and prepare a smooth implementation process?

Development & Implementation Services

From design to go-live:

  • Design and Development of tailor-made solutions with state-of-the-art technology – how to get a tool that is easy-to-use and designed for change?
  • Sourcing of Business/IT professionals – how to find the experts which understand complex technology and talks business?
  • Broad range of implementation services – how to successfully implement a solution and ensure a wide adoption in your organization?

Application Management & Support Services

From go-live to continuous support:

  • Infrastructure Management & Hosting – how to ensure your infrastructure is professionally managed 24*7?
  • Quality assurance – how to proof that your solutions can meet all quality and security criteria and comply with your customers’ demand?
  • Application Support – how to ensure someone is available to help you out in case of a support issue?
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Implementation Approach

Risk-free 3+3+3 approach

Think before you act, but when you act do it good and do it quick. We do not believe in lengthy consultancy project, but we see the need for establishing a good common ground and creating a well thought through design.

Our risk-free 3+3+3 approach ensures that developers and business executives are focused on end results to prove feasibility and effectiveness. We thereby make innovation tangible and focus on continuous improvement initiatives.

Our approach:

  • 3-hours: Workshop to create solution blueprint and high-level scope
  • 3-days: Working and accepted Prototype
  • 3-weeks: Pilot and working software solution

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