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OpenText Process Suite

The OpenText Process Suite (Cordys) allows organizations to change and innovate the way they do business with greater speed and flexibility. It complements existing enterprise software but adds agility, visibility and control to business operations.



The OpenText Process Suite combines the world of Integration, Business Process Management and Composite Application Development based on a highly scalable architecture, delivering a complete Platform-as-a-Service.

It enables businesses to rapidly analyze, build, and automate any business process. Business leaders gain critical visibility into operations at the right time empowering them to optimize results and drive growth and innovation.

"The acquisition of Cordys enabled OpenText to offer the strongest process and case management platform in the business." Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO

Embrace BPM for Enterprise Digitization

Rapidly analyze, build, and automate any business process from a single platform

Key functions include:

  • Business Process Management (BPM) – to manage end-to-end processes across functions, systems, machines and clouds efficiently and effectively covering integration centric and human centric workflows.
  • Dynamic Case Management – to empower knowledge workers to achieve business outcomes and goals for cases or work units that combine structured data and unstructured information. Knowledge workers are guided through the process and have the ability to influence and change the process per their judgment while keeping full transparency at the same time.
  • Greater Integration Capabilities – to better connect process and content with integrations that deepen the information exchange between Process Suite, the OpenText Portfolio, external systems and applications
  • Process Intelligence – to drive smarter decisions with advanced dashboards, reporting and analytics, resulting in increased visibility into processes.
  • Business Rules Management – to automate actions with seamless integration of rules into business processes and business objects during modeling and design time.

Who should use OpenText Process Suite?

Enterprise customers looking for building applications in the area of:

  • Onboarding – Customers, Partners or Employees:
    Accelerate onboarding by standardizing organizational processes and orchestrating those processes across applications, customers and employees. Increase productivity, address compliance requirement and shorten time to revenue with effective and efficient onboarding.
  • Managing Digital & Brand Assets:
    Bring discipline, governance and control to the creation and use of digital assets. Manage the processes from scheduling to creation to production to distribution and use effectively reducing errors and lowering costs
  • Supply Chain Management:
    Extend supply chain processes beyond ERP systems and Business Networks to reduce exposure to shocks and disruptions. Gain visibility into their supply chains processes avoiding delays and potential extra costs.
  • Improving Customer Service:
    Streamline the processes used to support call centers, services calls, claims and inquiries. Gain the visibility to be more proactive in delivering service and support the customer journey.

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