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Beekenkamp Group

Beekenkamp Group

vegetables, pot, bedding plants, packaging and chrysanthemums

Established in 1951, Beekenkamp Group (BKG) with over 2600 employees world wide is an internationally oriented greenhouse firm, headquartered in Maasdijk, the Netherlands.
The company produces and breeds horticultural endproducts, e.g. garden plants, crops and even chrysanthemums. The family-owned business is an industry leading organization consisting of three separate companies, each with its own level of expertise: Beekenkamp Plants (both Vegetables and Ornamentals), Beekenkamp Verpakkingen, and Deliflor Chrysanten. Beekenkamp Verpakkingen is dedicated to the manufacturing of crates, containers, and trays, while Deliflor Chrysanten is highly specialized in breeding chrysanthemums. Innovation is key for the Beekenkamp family business it has been at the forefront of innovation, from new trays to unique varieties created by their breeding division in Maasdijk. Beekenkamp is buzzing with ideas for the future, both locally in the Netherlands and for large international projects. Their ongoing research ensures that they remain innovative.

90 hectares
Every year Beekenkamp produces over 2 billion young plants on a total greenhouse area of more than 90 hectares. They raise, breed and propagate a wide variety of crops for growers worldwide, with careful attention to quality and hygiene.



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