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Broekhuis Groep simplifies car valuation with tablet app

February 3, 2014

Imagine doing 35,000 car valuations per year by hand and imagine 35,000 paper-forms with handwritten remarks. Now imagine a tablet app for doing your valuations and imagine the differences.

Since last year, Broekhuis switched from a manual valuation process to the tablet app, the TIM solution of Vanenburg Software, to reduce manual errors and improve the predictability of the car valuations. Broekhuis groep is an automotive dealer holding based in The Netherlands with a focus on car sales, lease and repair. Broekhuis has 35 local dealerships and sells 10 different brands.

Klaas Steendam, CFO and responsible for ICT within Broekhuis Groep, explains: “It requires a special skill to determine the right value of an used car. The value is dependent upon numerous factors which can vary a lot per car. For our company it is crucial that the valuations are done correctly, especially in a market where the margins are getting squeezed. That’s why we developed this innovative solution in cooperation with Vanenburg Software, in order to simplify the whole process. By implementing the cloud solution, we were able to reduce the manual errors and provide more accurate valuations to the customer.

The entire valuation process now takes only minutes and the used car can directly be listed for sale with the right price.”

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