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eparts is proud to announce the launch of the eCommerce Platform

eparts is proud to announce the launch of the eCommerce Platform

The South Dakota based company is proud to announce the launch of their E-commerce platform. is a US start-up that targets the aftermarket spare parts market. Although they are a start-up, they have strong relationships with suppliers from around the world.

The goal was to establish a scalable E-commerce platform that integrated with cutting edge cloud technologies and allowed for maximum flexibility in operations management, data storage and scalability.

“I never thought that adding, editing and managing product information would be as simple as we have made it. The work that Vanenburg Software has done for our company is truly remarkable. We are very excited to have worked with such a great team that was able to facilitate all of our needs.” said Brandon Van Beek, founder of

Vanenburg Software has built a digital platform based on the latest cloud-based technologies in combination with “best of breed” solutions that the market has to offer today. The Salesforce platform fully supports their processes for E-commerce – from order intake, to warehouse and supplier management. The solution also includes a custom mobile app for warehouse management, allowing users to easily pick, pack and ship the products to customers.

The solution makes it possible for them to fully focus on their core business while Vanenburg Software supports and manages the Cloud infrastructure. This is the first step in a long and lasting partnership with Vanenburg Software and their solutions in order to provide an end-to-end customer journey. Offers the best online experience you can find. They understand that their customers are busy and do not have all day to search for competitively priced parts. That is why it’s’s mission to make sure their customers can find what they need quickly and efficiently and have the highest confidence in what they purchase.

The project has gone live and consists of reliable solutions based on a broad range of state of the art technologies like the Google Cloud and platforms.

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