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eVerbinding partners with MUIS Software to create leading e-invoicing network

October 10, 2013

Partnership brings eVerbinding’s e-invoicing capabilities to iMUIS users

Putten, 10 October 2013 – eVerbinding, a joint venture of Vanenburg Software and Lansigt accountants, today announced a new partnership with MUIS Software that will connect users of iMUIS onto eVerbinding. The new service enables iMUIS users to send electronic invoices through eVerbinding, a secure and legally compliant environment for e-invoicing. Vanenburg Software has developed the entire IT-platform for eVerbinding, a new innovative Billing Service Provider for the Dutch SME market.

MUIS Software is the software company responsible for iMUIS, a widely used SME accounting software product with more than 15.000 customers. With this partnership another respected and professional accounting software maker has joint the expanding eVerbinding partnernetwork. The innovative and rapidly growing online e-invoicing platform was designed and built by Vanenburg Software to facilitate a secure exchange of documents like invoices.

“The eVerbinding network already offers enormous value to its users but, as we see more third parties and partners creating connections, this is expanding exponentially,” says Jan Jaap Kanis, Managing Director of Vanenburg Software. “MUIS Software’s accounting products, combined with eVerbinding’s electronic invoicing network, will streamline commerce between MUIS Software’s large customer base and those on eVerbinding’s platform.”

Kanis continues: “Also our strong partnership with the government led ‘SimplerInvoicing’ program brings a substantial value to the users of eVerbinding. It creates one, transparent, homogenized environment in which any kind of business can transfer their invoices simply and easily.”

Watch the below video to learn how eVerbinding enables companies to exchange digital documents and to automatically process them in their financial applications.

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