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Managing change in digital innovation – a response on…

February 28, 2018

I was reading this great article from Lora Cecere Founder at Supply Chain Insights, about Managing change in digital innovation . (read the article at Spot on representation on what we see out there in the complex day to day business. Organizations are struggling in general with managing change, but are struggling even more with the speed of all of the technological developments. One of the challenges is how to bent those developments into their advantage with their current business model(s), offering the best Customer Experience and still trying to achieve Operational Excellence. All area’s where digital innovation can have a great impact.  So regarding the design thinking, organizations should redesign on how they are doing business, how they continuously improve, what their current and future place is in the Supply Chain, but also how to add real intelligence in everything they do and make sure they stay relevant and profitable.

To highlight a couple of the area’s  in this great article we at Vanenburg Software have come up with some answers:

  • Mrs. Cecere first referred to: Digital innovation is not doing what we are doing today better and faster. It is redefinition. Teams will need to redefine the paradigms. Early adopters are driving innovation.
  • Vanenburg Software view: At Vanenburg Software we see that modern technology platforms are providing unique features which are often received as ‘too good to be true’. We can work with the innovators and prove the benefits via Proof of Concepts so that the benefits of each project will generate the funds for the next project.
  • Mrs. Cecere secondly referred to: Instead of approaching digital innovation as a large consulting project, it needs to be approached using design thinking with test and learn pilots.
  • Vanenburg Software view: Smart process apps are solutions that use the latest technology and are at the same time very scalable, based on design thinking, including test and learn pilots. This enables organisation to get faster results, reduce project risks and adopt new technologies way faster. Our risk-free 3+3+3 approach (workshop & solution proposal in 3 hours; prototype in 3 days; pilot software solution in 3 weeks) ensures that developers and business executives are focused on end results to prove feasibility and effectiveness. We thereby make innovation tangible and focus on continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Mrs. Cecere secondly referred to: Redefinition of Supporting Processes
  • Vanenburg Software view: We have seen that most organisation have been successful when they start small with the core, involving some key business owners and then grow step by step.


    Stefan van Olst
    Marketing & Communication Manager
    Vanenburg Software

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