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Mipox selects Rootstock Cloud ERP and replaces SAP

January 8, 2018

San Francisco, CA–(January 8, 2018) – Rootstock Software, a leading cloud manufacturing and supply chain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provider, today announced that Mipox, a global producer of polishing films for the high-tech industry, has selected Rootstock to provide cloud ERP applications for more than 400 users at 22 sites in 12 countries, including the company’s headquarters in Japan. Mipox is a publicly traded company on Japan’s JASDAQ market. Rootstock Cloud ERP will be replacing SAP and implemented alongside the company’s current deployment of Salesforce CRM on the Salesforce Platform.

Mipox selected Rootstock ERP to eliminate the disconnect between CRM and ERP, which will enable the company to better serve their customers and increase the level of automation in manufacturing operations. “One of our core values is to ensure that our products, services, and technologies meet or exceed our customers’ requirements,” said Jun Watanabe, President of Mipox. “We will be in a better position to do that by managing CRM and ERP together on the Salesforce Platform. We’ve achieved great success automating processes and improving our management information with Salesforce CRM. We want to realize that same level of automation and visibility across manufacturing operations with Rootstock’s Cloud ERP.”

Rootstock is experiencing a surge in new customer additions as manufacturers embrace the cloud to scale operations efficiently and to improve the customer experience. “We are delighted to be working with a leading company like Mipox and increasing our customer base in Asia,” said Pat Garrehy, CEO of Rootstock. “Legacy ERP applications are holding companies back from executing business plans and competing with technology. Customer-centric organizations like Mipox are moving to the cloud to improve their agility, competitiveness and customer service.”

Rootstock ERP‘s origins on the Salesforce Platform were crucial to Mipox selecting the ERP solution for the company’s cloud transformation. “Manufacturers are facing a technology revolution like we’ve never seen before,” said Cindy Bolt, ‎Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, Energy, and Consumer Goods, Salesforce. “We, along with Rootstock, are offering manufacturers a way to adopt new technology and the ability to focus on improving the customer experience across every facet of the business. As a result, we expect to see ERP make the same transition from legacy applications to the cloud that CRM experienced many years ago.”

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Rootstock Software develops and implements Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that helps manufacturers and distributors deliver personalized customer experiences, build operations that scale and out-service their competition. Rootstock Cloud ERP lets organizations take a more customer-centric and project-oriented view of operations across a robust suite of modules, including Order Management, Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain and Financial Management. When combined with Salesforce CRM on the Salesforce Cloud Platform, companies gain complete visibility to their entire organization and customers. Let Rootstock’s ERP experts help migrate your company off legacy ERP today. To learn more, please visit

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