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New features of Cordys Process Factory August 2011 Release

July 21, 2011

A new release of Cordys Process Factory is available. This version will include multi-language and multi privilege possible, allows related objects to user interface modeling, set email templates and facilitates labeling and record layout resizing. Following are the new features are briefly explained below:

Translation Both platform and applications can support multiple languages through language packs. Displays all user interface elements such as labels, error messages and notes translated. This applies to both runtime and design time environments.

Multiple Privileges to User Until now, only a privilege granted to a user. With the new release more than one is awarded. Also, there are now diversified into the rights within the composer (design time environment). This simplifies administration and prevents users who may have appropriate access to the entire composer.

Related Application Objects in User Interface Modeling This gives the possibility to put relationships at the table level are related to present data in forms. There may also be made with certain relationships CPF system tables such as users. This requirement is very important for the architecture of the applications. Where previously we were often forced to work with meaningfull keys, we can now use Meaningless keys, which is preferred because of reduced replication of data and the problem with changing data in key fields fixes.

Email Templates Customization Email templates can be created for standard tasks and notifications are sent through the system. Several templates for each type, such that even in runtime can be chosen for a given template, for example in the case of sending a mailing.

Record Label Each record labels may be added in the same way as with Google Mail. These labels are defined for each application object. On these labels can be easily filtered.

User Interface Improvements – resizing layout Several user interface improvements were made to a CFP professional look. For example, in design time to determine what forms and labels are aligned in the browser and the form can be built so that it moves when resizing the frame. Furthermore, a number of improvements made within the scenes to better connect to other standards in the world of cloud applications.

Scripting (beta release) A scripting engine backend logic is embedded in the composer. You have the ability to get code to beat based on JRuby. This is some code related to an application object or a standalone piece of code from other code can be invoked. Within the code, Web services are invoked and a piece of code can also be a Web service. The scripts run in a separate JVM. Same default timeout is used as Web services. Exceptionally there may be one or a few lived long run scripts for each tenant. Through a whitelist will prevent incorrect commands are used that can harm the server.

Multiple Privileges to Group The granting of privileges is made possible through groups such that the management easier. No impact on current applications and development The implementation of the new release will not affect your existing applications, but these features can be applied in the development of new applications or enhance existing applications. Thus, the decision on whether or not you here would like to use. Cordys the innovation leader in Business Process Management, according to IDC Finally, we want you to know that even in the last week Cordys IDC has identified as the innovation leader in Business Process Management, after an evaluation of 17 vendors. The technical platform functionality, modern development, business process functionality in the layer Cordys is ideal for companies in strategic business process management technology investment. Customers choosing Cordys because of the price, business user-friendly interface, BPM and SOA focus and performance in proof of concepts.

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