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NRD Natural Resources Development S.A.

NRD Natural Resources Development S.A.

NRD Natural Resources Development S.A., a Liechtenstein based company that specializes in Sustainable Forest Management, and Vanenburg Software have entered a strategic partnership in order to digitize all Sustainable Forrest Management activities globally.
In order to prevent illegal logging activities, governments and stakeholders around the world are coming up with legal alternatives to make forestry sustainable. Rules and regulations can ensure forests to survive.

NRD Natural Resources Development has invested in large areas of forest in Liberia (440.000 hectare) and Brazil (430.000 hectare) to ensure a “green investment” for its shareholders. These areas are then divided in cells of 1 hectare, per cell 3 to 5 fully grown trees are selected. During the forest-cutting preparation process, the data is being collected (diameter, height, GPS-location, etc.) and enriched with a barcode. Each cell generates barcodes which are transferred to a cloud-based solution.

Now NRD Natural Resources Development is having an insight of all available CO2 neutral trees and a selection of the best trees for logging can be made. For the next 15 years this cell will not be touched again. A permit from the Department of Forestry can be issued. When the permit is received the cutting operations can start.

With the digitisation of the forest-cutting process, NRD Natural Resources Development is able to track & trace and provide all stakeholders (Government, Societé Générale de Surveillance, Customers and Environmental Defence Agencies) a proof of the Chain of Custody of its product throughout their Supply Chain, thereby complying to all rules and regulations.

Vanenburg Software has provided NRD Natural Resources Development with a scalable cloud based solution that integrates and digitizes their entire business process from financial management, fleet management and forest operations management and their logistical operations.

With this solution the chain of custody is secured. Supported by sturdy devices and a sound cloud platform for both illiterate and professional operators in the field the operation is now managed from Liechtenstein and bush basecamps with real-time insight.

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