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NRD sets a new standard for sustainable forestry with Vanenburg Software

NRD sets a new standard for sustainable forestry with Vanenburg Software

NRD (Natural Resources Development S.A.) is a Liechtenstein based company specialized in sustainable forest management. They have large areas of forest in Liberia (440.000 hectare) and Brazil (430.000 hectare) which are maintained in a sustainable way ensuring a “green investment” for its shareholders.

NRD has divided their areas of forest in blocks of one square kilometer. Only once in 25 years some of the largest trees of a block will be taken out, allowing the area to grow new trees. Part of the benefits will be shared with the local society. This model will guarantee the preservation of the forest in a sustainable way, provides a fair share to the stakeholders and blocks incentives to cut large areas of forest for short term gains.

The harvesting process is strictly regulated by the respective local governments. For the cutting of each tree the government has to approve and NRD needs to provide a so-called Chain of Custody to prove that the wood is truly harvested from a sustainably managed forest and with the right permissions from the government. This means that every link in the chain, from the cutting to the finished product, needs to be tracked and traced. NRD took the decision to digitize all these processes and form a strategic partnership with Vanenburg Software to develop solutions for this purpose. This includes solutions for tracking forest operations, financial management, logistics and fleet management. With this software solution NRD wants to set a new standard in compliance management for sustainable forestry which can be used effectively to protect many more forests in the world.


  • Provide simple and foolproof User Interface which can even be used by illiterate field workers
  • Working in isolated areas with no internet connection
  • Secure compliancy for Chain of Custody and offer track and trace features
  • Integration of operations, finance and logistics processes
  • On- and offline availability for the solution


  • Mobile application for usage in the field, developed by Vanenburg Software
  • Back office application for data management and support of compliance processes

Used technologies:

  •  WaveMaker RAD Platform for development of both back office and mobile app
  • Google Cloud SQL for High Available and Automatically Scaling Data Storage
  • Google Datastudio and Google Sheets integrations for data analysis and visualization
  • JasperSoft Reporting Server for sending out periodic reports and overviews by mail on the gathered
    data to key users.


  • Low threshold for using the mobile app and enter data accurately
  • Works offline, and synchronizes with cloud based platform later
  • Lower operational costs
  •  Real time insight in all operations, reporting, and the Chain of Custody


  • The same approach can be taken for all use cases where a robust and dedicated solution for data gathering in the field needs to be provided together with a web application for real-time insight, further administrative processing and integrations with other core applications.

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