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Serving 100,000 employees with Smart Process Apps

Serving 100,000 employees with Smart Process Apps


This case concerns a leading industrial organization with 15+ billion in annual revenue and 100,000+ employees with operations in more than 30 countries.

Vanenburg Software successfully designed, built and maintained more than 50 Smart Process Apps for this company, in multiple areas such as Finance, HR, Quality and R&D. This way we replaced 6,000+ outdated Lotus Notes applications and 250+ servers to be maintained by Smart Process Apps on the Google Cloud Platform. This way, maintenance – and office infrastructure costs are highly reduced. The Smart Process Apps were developed on top of the enterprise’s core systems and ERP.

Smart Process Apps

HR: We developed a Smart Process App handling Bonus Management and appraisals. It handles the entire workflow and is fully integrated with their ERP, enabling in- and exporting data to and from the app and the ERP. The app objectively manages the bonus objective settings. It is a central applications for all regions and site.
R&D: We have developed a Smart Process App Suite for all R&D-employees. As for all our Smart Process apps, the suite is fully integrated with their ERP and allow in- and exporting data. A few functionalities are logging hours on a highly specific level, comparing time and effort with ROI, and project management.


Quality: We developed a Smart Process App handling all warranty claims and returns. It detects duplicate claims and other red flags.
Management: We developed an app that allows all employees to propose improvements and provides a dashboard about this for the management (or HR). The improvements could be about anything; from a missing functionality on a app to free food on Fridays.
Manufacturing: We developed Smart Process Apps that allow managing all safety related issues, for instance incidents on the plants, or a quality issue that could affect customers. It also includes workflows with deadlines on when certain steps need to be taken.
Finance: This company deals with several Contract Application Approvals, and Investment Authorisation Requests. We developed an app covering both. It manages the workflow of signatures needed, and the links to projects can be automatically created. The app eases the workflow and keeps track of every step.


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