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Training on Cordys Process Factory platform improves user acceptance and speeds up implementations

August 24, 2012

In an increasingly complex business environment, companies need software solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily. Companies that have chosen the Cordys Process Factory (CPF) platform, have found that the platform itself allows to develop applications that simplify processes and put people first, instead of technology . This is also the main focus of Vanenburg Software: developing and delivering smart solutions that support people. For those companies that develop the solutions themselves, Vanenburg Software organizes training courses to get the best out of what the software has to offer.

Our trainers are business and IT consultants who have worked with the CPF-platform for many years, developing solutions for customers in different industries. By transferring their knowledge, they have found that users quickly get confident in working with the application which speeds up implementation timeframes. As the training courses are mostly “hands on” on the customer location or a central location for employees from different subsidiaries, the interaction allows for feedback on the spot which has proven to be very effective. A schedule of training courses can be found in the events section of our website.

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