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Vanenburg Software adds online invoicing functionality to CODA and Exact

July 18, 2012

Vanenburg Software has developed solutions for CODA and Exact Globe users to add online invoicing functionality to their existing financial application. After implementing our invoice solution, customers report a great reduction in time taken to create and print an invoice. Where it took around 20 minutes to process an invoice before the Vanenburg Software solution was implemented, it now takes 5 minutes. Furthermore, the ability to set different approval levels for different sites improves the approval process by avoiding mistakes before converting an invoice to final invoice. The number of credit invoices to rectify the faulty ones has dropped significantly.

This solution supports companies in the service as well as production industry to access invoices anywhere, anytime regardless of the existing financial applications in use. This solution enables companies to do some workflow processing around the invoices and get the invoice completely correct in the back end system. The multisite features of this invoice app make allow customers to handle the invoices for multiple subsidiaries all together in one app.

The ‘Invoicing’ app supports the invoice processing as required from other business apps that will generate transactions to be invoiced. The solution supports the creation of invoices for your orders, projects and services and provides an easy way to track and print your invoices. It has flexible and efficient invoice approval process which can be configured based on the enterprise needs.

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