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Vanenburg Software implements online customer service application Jira from Atlassian

February 14, 2013

Customers of Vanenburg Software will be able to report incidents online and follow the status of reported incidents, which saves time and keeps the customer informed at all times. After a selection process and trial period Vanenburg has implemented Jira by Atlassian Software for this purpose. The application will be made available to customers through a secured link on the Vanenburg website.

Vanenburg Software delivers software solutions to customers worldwide, the “process as an app” solutions support a variety of business processes and applications. As these business processes require a high availability, not only the platform and the solutions itself need to be robust, but service levels and customer service too.
Jan Jaap Kanis, Managing Director of Vanenburg Software says: “By using Jira to support our service process, we can focus on service delivery. We want to support our customers in improving their business processes with our apps, so if an incident occurs we want to resolve it as soon as possible.”

Jira offers full functionality for issue registration like registering, keeping track of changes, reporting, commenting and even adding attachments. All relevant information is in one place, accessible to those who need it instead of emails in private mailboxes. Customers can view the status of support calls and are updated by emails on changes. Customers can also create their own overviews, like a list of pending issues, which keeps them up to date at all times.

Kanis continues: “By using Jira, we can assign issues to the right second or third line engineers, monitor progress and report both internally as well as to our customer. As Vanenburg Software focuses on providing smart apps to our customers, we consider Jira a smart tool to support our customer service process.”

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