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Vanenburg Software inspires entrepreneurs on the Lansigt Business Boost: Become Digital Disruptive!

June 15, 2016

We look back at an inspiring Lansigt Business Boost 2016. “Are you ready for the next level?” With this question the accountancy firm Lansigt, shareholder of the electronic invoicing firm eVerbinding, has triggered and encouraged the entrepreneurs to face the challenges, in which Lansigt, eVerbinding and Vanenburg Software can support.

“Become digital disruptive and cannibalize your own business, or you will be eaten by start-up initiatives. Digital technologies force companies to reinvent themselves. If they do not join the bandwagon, there will be a start-up waiting for you to do it. You need to Innovate using digital technology and stay advanced of your competition.” This was the key message of Jan Jaap Kanis (Commercial Director, Vanenburg Software) to 80 entrepreneurs on the Lansigt Business Boost.

Vanenburg Software digitizes and transforms organizations so that they are able to invent new business models and stay ahead of their competitors. Customers of Vanenburg Software include eVerbinding, a modern and digital platform for exchanging invoices (in which Lansigt participates), AntTail, an innovative organization which monitors the entire medical supply chain by using sensor technology, and Fokker, which is digitizing the shop floor processes to become complete paperless.

If you want to know how we could help you to digitize your business and become digital disruptive, feel free to contact us.

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