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Vanenburg Software releases Corona application as ‘open source’

To harness the collective and collaborative power of the community in response to COVID-19, we at Vanenburg Software are proud to contribute to this challenge with the release of the “CoronaGo!” application as “open source.

In the difficult Corona-pandemic situation, our healthcare system is under enormous pressure to fulfill the current need. It results in an urgent need for scalable and highly flexible software solutions to support medical professionals and government stakeholders, with respect for privacy.

The purpose of the CoronaGo! application released by Vanenburg Software is to reduce burden on the healthcare system by helping doctors to easily identify potential carriers of the disease and help in

preventing the spread, as well as providing other stakeholders (hospital administration, government) with key insight into e.g. crucial stock. The app is also to provide “location based alerting” functionality, notifying users if they enter a “high risk” area.  To secure privacy, an encrypted tool will ensure that the sensitive data fields cannot be accessed by the tools of the underlying infrastructure platform.

By making the application available as “open source” Vanenburg Software is looking forward to unlock and activate an eco-system of healthcare professionals, government stakeholders and IT companies.

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