Vanenburg Software


Virtual Future Vibe event

November 24, 2020


Vanenburg Software held the Virtual Future Vibe Event on Tuesday the 24th of November 2020
from 15.00h – 18.00h CET

This inspirational and interactive afternoon kicked off with a keynote on how to Modernize Enterprise IT by Bain & Company, followed by a live interview with Jan Baan Chairman of Vanenburg Software and some real-life cases from companies on modernizing their ERP’s. We also had exciting insights on how the power of Google Cloud is leveraged to modernize Enterprise IT. Hear how companies like chemical manufacturer Solvay innovate with Big Data & IoT on Google Cloud.





Event Highlights:

  • Modernizing Enterprise IT to gain a digital competitive advantage – Florian Braun, ;
  • Interview with Jan Baan: learn from an IT veteran – Jan Baan, Chairman Vanenburg Group;
  • Showcasing real life examples of Enterprise IT modernization & ERP extensions – Ardjan Baan, CO-CEO & COO Vanenburg Software;
  • Google Cloud Platform as the platform for Digital transformation – Peter Bavinck, Customer Engineer,
  • Customer Case: Innovation with Big Data & IoT on the Google Cloud, Li-Lian Tan, IS Cloud Applications Services Manager, ;
  • Approach for fast Application Development, Vanenburg Software’s secret sauce!
  • Customer Case De Staffing Groep: Rapid development of a Scalable Collaboration Portal on top of Salesforce – Wessel van Alphen, CEO, ;
  • And much more around BIG Data, Machine Learning, IoT and Rapid Application Development of Enterprise Business Applications at scale.



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